Articles & Presentations

How to Get Your Organization to “Own” Security – First Steps


June, 2019 article in Security Current about using a cybersecurity council to kick off ownership of security in the business

Is The Security Industry Solving Our Problems? And What Can We Do Without It?


Presented at the Texas Department of Information Resources Information Security Forum, April, 2019 (and GDS Security Insight Summit, May, 2019)

Security Innovation Awareness Through Vendor Relationships


February, 2019 presentation given at TEISS 2019 in London (and GDS Security Insight Summit, December, 2018)

How to Build a Better CISO


January, 2019 Article for HelpNet Security Magazine

GDPR for Security Practitioners


September, 2018

Presented at CDM Media Security Summits in Dallas and Toronto, 2018

Security Metrics


July, 2018 LinkedIn Article

Governance without Management in the Absence of a Perimeter


April, 2018 LinkedIn Article

Why Hackers Love Healthcare


April, 2018 Article for Dark Reading Magazine

2018 Cybersecurity Predictions


February, 2018 LinkedIn Article

Interviews & Panels

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series


June, 2019 live podcast.  Guest was Dan Lohrmann, and we addressed privacy, and BAD best practices.

TechTarget Interview


May 2019 interview on cloud security.  There is a mis-statement here.  I advocate "back to the basics" at all phases of a security program - not just as a starter.

Silicon UK Interview


April, 2019 Silicon UK interview about the IT & CISO life.  I really am keen on ML and AI once the market consistently produces actual and real examples.  I remain hopeful!

ITSP Magazine - Unusual Gatherings


March, 2019 panel interview by Sean Martin along with Sian John and Candy Alexander.

I wear the cowboy hat at RSA so my online connections can spot me in the crowd.

Between Two Kernels


March, 2019.  Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product over at Capsule8 does these videos with various members of the security community.

They are over-the-top deadpan, dry humor and meant for fun only.  It was very hard to keep a straight face.

IDG Connect - CIO Spotlight Interview


February, 2019 general interview regarding my career path and different facets of the CISO life over the last year.

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series


January, 2019 interview covering security fundamentals, collaboration between CISOs, infosec as a campaign and security as compared to IT

Cyber Startup Observatory - CISO of the Week


November, 2018 - I was honored to be chosen as CISO of the week.  I was interviewed on a variety of CISO topics.

Business of Security Podcast - GDPR & Other Topics


November, 2018 - Another great podcast series, and another fun interview.

SC Magazine - Unfogging the Future of SIEM


October, 2018 interview for SC Magazine's "ebook" series.  Apparently I'm more opinionated about first generation SIEMs than I realized...

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series


September, 2018 in-depth interview following up on my  August, 2018 announcement to begin openly embracing the vendor community.

My Vendor Experiment in Detail


A September, 2018 interview regarding my voluntary experiment to allow vendors into my work life to the tune of 2 hours a week.

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series


August, 2018 interview with one of the most relevant CISO podcasts out there - topics include leveraging compliance for real-world security, and how CISO's discover new solutions and technologies

IT Security Guru: CISO Chat


June, 2018 interview covering blockchain, industry trends and gripes, and security vs. privacy

March, 2018 Got Friends? Segment


March, 2018 Video interview about 2018 predictions and CISO trends.  I didn't have my glasses, and am hunched over the screen, squinting.  Good interview despite.